Making Online Shopping Better

Once online, shoppers get the bug and they're hooked. In a new survey, 3,000 online customers said they prefer to shop online with their favorite retailer. All of the customers in the group were smartphone users or tablet owners and used those devices to order products.
What was interesting about the survey was that most customers found online shopping quick and easy because of well-designed websites and payment processes. What they didn't like were factors related to shipping and delivery. They said they want to be able to choose a delivery date; to choose a delivery time; to reroute a package or to choose an environmentally-friendly shipping option. According to the survey, online shoppers want more choices.
Another finding of the survey was that shoppers want to be able to combine online and in-store options. Customers would like to shop and order online, and return items in whatever way that suits them. The survey results show that customers are more likely to choose to shop with a retailer that allows them to buy an item online and return it to a store, or pick it up at a store. Giving these extra choices for the shopper would also save retailers money.