Are you frightened of flying

You're not alone. There are millions of people like you. Some have such strong feelings that they won't fly at all. Others feel worried and upset when they do.
We can help you. The FlyHigh Clinic, based at Totwick Airport, is led by a team of top pilots and air stewards who will teach you everything you need to know to make you feel happy, safe, and relaxed about flying. We will then take you on a 45-minute flight. We really can change the way you feel about flying forever.
You will be able to take that vacation or business trip — and enjoy it!
"I used to get stressed for weeks before a business trip abroad. I couldn't eat or sleep. Next week, I have to take a 14-hour flight to Tokyo and I'm totally relaxed!"
"I'm so excited. I used to stay at home bored and lonely when my boyfriend went traveling, but we've just booked a vacation to Thailand together!"
"My daughter lives in New York, an 18-hour drive away. I really miss her. But now that I can fly, I'm planning to go see her three or four times a year!"
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