Hội thoại: Hỏi về tuyển dụng của công ty đã đăng trên website

Inquiring About A Job 
Assitance: Star Electric. Can I help you?
John: Yes, I'm calling about the job opening on your website.
Assitance: The manager's position? Sure. What can I tell you about it?
John: Do you know if the position is still open?
Assitance: Yes, it is. We'll begin the interviews on July 28th.
John: Great. Is the position part-time?
Assitance: Yes, it is. The position is for 20 hours each week.
John: Okay, great. Is there paid vacation time?
Assitance: We get one paid vacation day each month.
John: Wonderful. Are there medical benefits?
Assitance: No, there aren't any medical benefits because the position is part-time.
John: Oh, that's too bad. I need a job with medical benefits. Well, thank you anyway.